Results of the 34th Japanese Public Speaking Contest (March 4, 2023)

On March 4, 2023 (Saturday), the 34th Japanese Public Speaking Contest was held at Leiden University, The Hague Campus.
At the opening of the event, Ambassador Minami delivered a speech in which he expressed his gratitude towards the sponsors for their generosity in offering fabulous prizes and for the cooperation of the judges. He also expressed how much he looked forward to listening to the speeches this year with the theme: “Back to Normal – What I want to achieve after the Corona pandemic” / テーマ: 「日常を取り戻して – これから挑戦したいこと」.
Due to the pandemic, the Japanese Public speech Contest could not be organized in its usual form for several years. There were 16 contestants who gave their speech in Japanese in front of many people who came as audience.
It was an opportunity to realize how interesting and difficult the Japanese language can be as well as how fun it is to share and exchange thoughts with other people, in front of juries and audience.
The Grand Prize    :Mr. Otis Jan Eversteijn
The Excellence Prize  :Ms. Andra Christina Ordean
The Excellence Prize  :Mr. Jimmy van de Wardt
The Special Prize    :Mr. Anh Vu Hung Nguyen
The Encouragement Prize:Ms. Nanique Corlena Kok
The Encouragement Prize:Mr. Damian Thomas Pierce Hopley