Message from the new Ambassador, Horinouchi Hidehisa


Dear reader,
My name is HORINOUCHI Hidehisa, and I have arrived in the Netherlands on 15 September as the successor of Ambassador Inomata.
It is a great honour for me to have come to the Netherlands, a country that has enjoyed an outstanding relationship with Japan for over 400 years.
Those friendly and close ties between Japan and the Netherlands continue to be strengthened on various levels: the heartfelt relations between the Dutch Royal House and the Japanese Imperial Household; the Japanese-Dutch partnership, among which our two Prime Ministers who are regularly in touch, that works together to deal with global issues; the active business relations; and finally, exchange in the fields of sports and culture.
As such, I am honoured that I can take up this position in such an important country, and I feel motivated to get started.
I am grateful for all the efforts that many people from both countries have made so far in building the excellent relationship that Japan and the Netherlands cherish at present. Together with my embassy staff, I would like to continue these efforts to make a contribution as much as possible. In addition, I will dedicate myself to making sure that every Japanese person here can live his or her life in the Netherlands with peace of mind.
In October, I will present my credentials to His Majesty the King of the Netherlands. After that, I hope that I will have the opportunity to visit various places in the Netherlands as soon as possible and to greet everyone personally.
Until then, please accept my first greeting here on our homepage.

Ambassador of Japan to the Netherlands


HORINOUCHI Hidehisa Ambassador