Announcement:Japan Festival 2019 in Amstelveen (October 13, 2019)

September 10, 2019

On Sunday, October 13th, the city center of Amstelveen will have Japanese atmosphere! The Japan Festival is a very special event, as it not only brings together Japan and the Netherlands in culinary and cultural fields, but it also symbolizes the power of collaboration and mutual respect. We will also participate and offer general travel information of Japan!
There will be a lot of programs including spectacular performances, such as that of Noh (能) artist, Reijiro Tsumura, who combines Japanese performing arts with European ballet and original piano music. Famous Taiko drummer, Leonard Eto will also perform. Another program highlight is the performance by Senyumeji Nishikawa, a Nihon Buyo (日本舞踊) dancer. Nihon Buyo is one of Japanese performing arts.
Visit the Japan Festival 2019 and experience different facets of Japanese culture and cuisine with the many stalls, workshops and stage performances!
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