The Japan Festival 2022 in Amstelveen (June 19, 2022)


On Sunday, June 19, the Japan Festival 2022 took place in Amstelveen with the theme “Reconnect for tomorrow” the first time since the last edition in October 2019.

The opening session started with speeches by Mr. Kubota, the chairperson of the Japan Festival Foundation, the Mayor of Amstelveen Mr. Poppens and Ambassador Horinouchi. After that the festival was officially opened by a ‘Kagami wari’ (鏡割り) ceremony, for which famous singer, Mr. Gerard Joling, and Mrs. Horinouchi also joined.

There were various performances such as music, Japanese martial arts and more on the stage as well as many stands of Japanese food, products and cultural workshops. The festival was great success!


Mr. Kubota, the chairperson of the Japan Festival
Foundation and board members

Ambassador Horinouchi

Kagami wari Mayor of Amstelveen, Mr. Poppens’s visited
to the Embassy’s stand