Peace Exchange Program 2023 (October 21-28, 2023)


The Japan-Netherlands Peace Exchange Program was held from 21 to 28 October, and six Dutch people who had been interned by the Japanese military during World War II were invited to Japan.

The purpose of this program is to promote mutual understanding between Japan and the Netherlands by inviting Dutch people who have a difficult relationship with Japan due to their experiences at the time and by encouraging emotional reconciliation. From 1995 to this year, we have invited 687 people in total.

In Nagasaki, the participants interacted with local university and elementary school students, visited Dejima, Peace Park and the Atomic Bomb Museum, laid flowers at the monument of Fukuoka 14b (It was unveiled on the site of POW camp No. 14 in Nagasaki in 2023), and paid a courtesy visit to Mr. SUZUKI Shiro, Mayor of Nagasaki. In addition, they interacted with university students in Tokyo.

After the program, the participants commented “Some of the students shed tears after our speech, and we were happy that our thoughts were reaching the younger generation”, “The image of Japan for the period of the World War II that I had before has changed through this visit, and it was a very valuable

「Reference: official report (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan) (Japanese only)」