Results of the 35th Japanese Public Speaking Contest (March 17, 2024)

On March 17, 2024 (Sunday), the 35th Japanese Public Speaking Contest was held at Leiden University, The Hague Campus.
At the opening of the event, Ambassador Minami delivered a speech in which he expressed his gratitude towards the sponsors for their generosity in offering fabulous prizes and for the cooperation of the judges. 
He also expressed the number of Japanese language learners has been increasing every year, and in recent years, the number of learners has a wide range of age groups and diversities, not only university students. And he delivered how much he looked forward to listening to the speeches this year which covered a variety of interesting themes that the candidates were free to choose themselves.

There were 12 contestants who gave their speech in Japanese in front of many audiences. Topics varied, from talking about Japanese food and the candidates’ personal experiences from their studying or holidays in Japan, to the cultural and philosophical differences between Japanese and Dutch, or the different angles from which Japanese culture is studied in different parts of the world.
The speaking contest provided an opportunity for both audiences and speakers to realize how interesting and difficult the Japanese language can be, as well as exchanging interesting personal viewpoints about Japanese culture.
The Grand Prize     :Wenhui Ma
The Excellence Prize   :Nino Laloli
The Excellence Prize   :Fatih Kilic
The best Impression Prize  : Yoram Barendregt
The ”YOSAKOI” Kochi Prize:Willem van Hazendonk 
The “YOSAKOI” Kochi Prize:Tobi Le Tron
The Encouragement Prize  :Finn Liam Vossers
The Encouragement Prize  :Hao Lin