How to advertise your Events on our Website


The Embassy of Japan advertises Japan related events in the Netherlands on its website for the purpose of promoting friendship between our two countries. If you wish to advertise your events on our website, please complete the registration form and send it with an event related photo (JPG format) via email. Each event will be reviewed and the applicants informed whether it is suited to be included on the Embassy website. The review takes approximately 7 to 10 days. Results, comments and photos (in JPG format) of your events can be posted on the event report by email by using this form.

- The Embassy will not advertise commercial events for individuals or organizations.
- Please inform us promptly if there is any change in your events after registration.





○ 特定企業、団体、個人の営利を目的とする活動は掲載致しません。
○ 申請後、イベントの内容に変更があった場合には速やかにご連絡下さい。