MIRAI Program 2021/2022


October 6, 2021

The Japanese Government will invite European undergraduate/graduate students from the Netherlands to participate in the MIRAI (meaning ‘Future’ in Japanese) Program. This program is financially supported by the Japanese Government. The program features intellectual exchange among students from across Japan and Europe. It is a program to invite groups of students from around Europe. Each group has its own theme (see below).
This time, the program consists of two parts: (1) an online pre-exchange program (two different days, to be announced later) and (2) program in Japan. All participants are required to attend the online pre-exchange program before they leave for Japan.

Please note that the MIRAI program may be suspended or the dates/format may be changed due to Covid-19 circumstances or unforeseen events.

Participants of these two themes are invited from the Netherlands:
1. Politics and Security
Program term in Japan: 6 days in February or March 2022        
2. Theme: Economy and Business
Program term in Japan: 6 days in February or March 2022
Please read carefully the MIRAI 2021/2022 Outline before applying. 
Fill out the entry forms on the website in English and upload the necessary documents during the application period.

Application deadline: 7 November 2021 (No extension allowed)


Please read carefully the MIRAI 2021/2022 Outline. If you still have any inquiries, please contact the Cultural and Information section of the Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands by e-mail.

Email: info@hg.mofa.go.jp (Please mention "MIRAI Program 2021/2022 (your name)" in the subject line.)