MIRAI Program 2020/2021


December 2, 2020

The Japanese Government will invite Dutch undergraduate/graduate students from the Netherlands to participate in the MIRAI (meaning ‘Future’ in Japanese) Program. This program is financially fully supported by the Japanese Government. The program features intellectual exchange among students from across Japan and Europe. It is a program to invite groups of students from around Europe. Each group has its own theme (see below).
This time, the program consists of two parts: (1) an online pre-exchange program (two different days) and (2) program in Japan. The first day of the pre-exchange program will be scheduled in April 2021 and the second one will be scheduled about one month before departure for Japan.
All participants are required to attend the online pre-exchange program before they leave for Japan.
Please note that the MIRAI program may be suspended or the dates/format may be changed due to Covid-19 circumstances or unforeseen events.
Theme: Politics and Security
 Program term in Japan: 11 May 2021–19 May 2021
Theme: Economy and Business
Program term in Japan: 18 May 2021–26 May 2021
Theme: Science and Technology
Program term in Japan: 25 May 2021–2 June 2021

Please read the information on the webpage linked below carefully before applying to confirm whether you are qualified to apply.
On the same page, you will also find the Entry Form that you are required to submit in order to apply.

In addition to the forementioned Entry Form, which contains a section where you can fill in a short statement about your application, we would like to ask you to also submit a more detailed essay, containing your motivation for applying for the program, as well as the reason why we should select you for this program.
Submitting a curriculum vitae is not required, but you are welcome to include this in your application.
Note: the additional document(s) should be uploaded via the abovementioned webpage.

 Application deadline: 14 February 2021 (23:59 Dutch time)


If you have any inquiries about the MIRAI Program or the application procedure, please contact the Cultural Department of the Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands by e-mail, due to the current COVID-19 circumstances.

Email: info@hg.mofa.go.jp (Please mention "MIRAI Program 2020 (your name)" in the subject line.)