MIRAI Program 2019


November 13, 2019


The Japanese Government will invite Dutch undergraduate/graduate students from the Netherlands to participate in the MIRAI (meaning ‘Future’ in Japanese) Program. This program is financially fully supported by the Japanese Government. The program features intellectual exchange among students from across Japan and Europe. It is a program to invite groups of students from around Europe. Each group has its own theme (see below).

Please read the Outline carefully before applying to confirm that you are qualified. Please also be informed that applicants who have never been to Japan will have an advantage.
Application documents:

  • Online application form
  • Copy of passport
  • Motivation letter* (minimum one A4 page, maximum two A4 pages)
  • Scan of a certified copy of your latest academic grades
  • Curriculum vitae (optional)
* Note: This is in addition to the “Essay - Personal Statement” in the online application form.

 [Date and theme of the each term]

  Note: Emails received after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

First term: 27 November 2019–4 December 2019 (edited on 30 July, 2019)
  (Departure date from the Netherlands will be 26 November)
  Theme: Politics and security
                   Application deadline: 5 October 2019 (23:59 Dutch time)

Second term: 11 December 2019–19 December 2019
  (Departure date from the Netherlands will be 10 December)
  This term will include a two nights’ homestay in a local city.
  Theme: Economy and business
                   Application deadline: 15 October 2019 (17:00 Dutch time)

Third term: 4 March 2020–11 March 2020
  (Departure date from the Netherlands will be 3 March 2020)
  Theme: Science and technology
                   Application deadline: 20 January 2020 (17:00 Dutch time) (edited on 13 November, 2019)

Submitting application documents / Inquiries

Application documents (excluding the online application form) should be submitted to: info@hg.mofa.go.jp (Please mention “MIRAI 2019 (your name)” in the subject line.)

Please contact the Cultural Department of the Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands for questions regarding the application procedure.

Tel: 070-3469544
Email: info@hg.mofa.go.jp