Results of the Japanese Essay and Video Contest 2021/ 結果発表:日本語エッセイビデオコンテスト2021


2021/4/11 update

We would like to announce the results of the Japanese Essay and Video Contest that participants were able to submit their entries until the middle of February 2021. There were total of ten entries and five proceeded to the final (video) round. Based on the theme “My Favourite Japanese Word /Phrase”, original and creative videos were submitted. It was a great opportunity to realize how interesting and difficult the Japanese language can be as well as how fun it is to share thoughts with other people through a video presentation.

 2021 年2月中旬まで応募していた日本語エッセイビデオコンテストの結果を発表いたします。今回は10名のエントリーがあり、5名が最終(ビデオ)審査へと進みました。「私の好きな日本語のことば」をテーマに創意工夫に富んだ発表を通じ、日本語のおもしろさや難しさ、また、他の人と考えを共有する楽しさを感じるよい機会となりました。

“How Amazing!” Prize

Mr. Steven Scheerooren

Video / 動画

Mr. Niek M. Span

Video / 動画

Mr. Jimmie M. J. Gubbels
(ジム・M. J.・グブルスさん)

Video / 動画

Bridge between Japan and the Netherlands Prize

Ms. Jennifer Tijssen

Video / 動画

Special Prize

Mr. Jairo R. Hernandez

Video / 動画

*The videos which were submitted to the final (video) round will be uploaded to our Facebook (@EmbassyJapanNL)
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