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This calendar has been established to keep people up to date on new and upcoming Japan-related cultural events in the Netherlands. Note: the Embassy of Japan does not accept any responsibility for the events registered, or any loss or damage resulting from the events registered in the calendar or from any reliance placed on the information in the Event Calendar.




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18 November 2022 / 20:15 
Portrait of Dai Fujikura, concert by New European Ensemble

Dai Fujikura is known for his colourful works connecting the contemporary idiom with the traditional musical language of his native Japan. New European Ensemble
De Nieuwe Kerk, Spui 175, Den Haag
New European Ensemble



3 - 4 Jnue 2023 
Japan Art Expo 2023

Japan Art Expo is a convention on Japanese art and culture, taking place in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The event consists of the exhibitions, lectures, and
performance by experts of Japanese art and culture. 
Jaarbeurs Exhibition Centre
Japan Art Expo, B.V.
Tel: +44(0)2072292934

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