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This calendar has been established to keep people up to date on new and upcoming Japan-related cultural events in the Netherlands.
Note: the Embassy of Japan does not accept any responsibility for the events registered, or any loss or damage resulting from the events registered in the calendar or from any reliance placed on the information in the Event Calendar.


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1-29 March 2020 / Wednesday-Friday 12:00-18:00, Saturday 10:00-17:00, Sunday 13:00-17:00
Exhibition Yuriko Miyoshi Hanga*Land - Printmaking World

Japanese printmaker shows her etching world based on map and history of Japan, Netherlands etc. Because of the Hina-Matsuri on 3rd March, prints and handmade cards with Japanese paper and textiles for the special price. Please go to her website for further information.

Galerie Zône
Nieuwstraat 17b

Galerie Zône



Tel: 071-5126307

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