Prior to the Application


When applying for a visa, the applicant must submit the necessary documents to the Consular Service in person. Applications sent through the mail will NOT be accepted.
A proxy can carry out the application procedures with your letter of proxy (Not accepted by post). The proxy has to bring his/her passport and/or ID card.
Applications from non-residents in the Netherlands are NOT accepted.

Applications can only be accepted as from 3 months before your arrival in Japan.
All submitted documents shall be authentic. Documents compiled with digital copies such as digital photography and/or screenshots of a computer/cell phone are, in principle, NOT accepted.

Do I need an appointment?

An appointment is not necessary, but you are advised to check our opening hours and closing dates before visiting the consular service. We also advise you to come at least a half an hour before the closing time so that we can review your application well.

Days required for acquiring a visa

The period required from the visa application to the issuance of the visa is generally 5 working days as long as there are no particular problems with the content of the application. Some specific visa procedures may take longer and, if this should be the case, you will be informed of this fact when you submit your documents.

Due to possible procedural delays you are strongly advised to apply for your visa at least one month before your departure.

Visa fees

Free for a Dutch passport holder.

For other nationals, please refer here. (Fees are only accepted in cash)

Necessary documents

Necessary documents for visa applications