The Japanese Public Speaking Contest / 日本語弁論大会

The Embassy of Japan and the Executive Committee for the Japanese Public Speaking Contest organize the "The Japanese Public Speaking Contest" every year around March.



Application Guidelines / 参加案内

Updated: January 28, 2019
The Embassy of Japan is pleased to announce that "the 32nd Japanese Public Speaking Contest", which will be held as indicated below with the support of many companies and organizations.
Dear students of the Japanese language. Why not participate in our contest and demonstrate your Japanese proficiency? It is a great experience for anyone and winners will be awarded splendid prizes. The contest is open to the public and admission is free.


1. Date & Time / 日時
March 23, 2019  (Saturday) / 2019年3月23日(土) 14:00-18:30
 Speeches / 弁論
 Intermission and jury deliberation / 休憩・審査員による協議
 Award ceremony / 表彰式

2. Place / 場所
Leiden University Campus The Hague,
Wijnhaven Building
 Turfmarkt 99
 2511 DP, The Hague

3. Theme / テーマ
You are free to choose your own theme. Please write your theme and summary of your speech in your application.

4. Requirements / 出場資格
Participants must:
・be at least 17 years of age / 17歳以上であること。
・hold the nationality of the Netherlands or that of another European Union member state and have resided in the Netherlands for a consecutive six-month period preceding the date of the contest (Those who do not hold the nationality of an EU member state are also welcome to participate in this contest as special entries, but will not be granted the chance to win a prize) / オランダ国籍を有すること。または、EU加盟国の国籍を有し、かつ、6か月以上継続してオランダ国内に居住していること。(EU加盟国の国籍を有しない者の出場も歓迎しますが、受賞資格のない特別枠となります。)
・have never lived in Japan for more than two years / 日本滞在歴が2年以下であること。
・have never had the Japanese nationality in the past. Individuals with one or both parents holding the Japanese nationality are not eligible. / 日本国籍であったことがないこと。また、両親がいずれも日本国籍でないこと。
・have not won the Grand Prize in our Japanese Public Speaking Contest in the past three years/過去3年間の当館実施の日本語弁論大会で最終優秀賞を受賞していないこと。

5. Length / 発表時間
Approx. 4 minutes per candidate (followed by Q&A in Japanese) / 一人あたり4分程度(発表後に日本語による質疑応答があります。)
6. Number of participants / 出場者数
Max. 25(should more than 25 people apply for participation, a pre-selection will take place) /最大25人程度(出場希望者多数の場合は、事前選考を行います。)
7. Application procedure / 出場申込み方法
Please download and complete the application form (including a passport photo), and send it to the Cultural and Information Centre by email (email address is indicated on the form). / 申請フォームをダウンロードして必要事項を記入し(証明写真を貼付)、在オランダ日本大使館広報文化センターまでメールでお送りください(メールアドレスは申請フォームに記載されています)。
8. Deadline for applications / 出場申込締切

March 8, 2019 /2019年3月8日
9. Inquiries / お問い合わせ
Information and Culture Centre of the Embassy of Japan / 在オランダ日本大使館広報文化センター
Tel: 070-346-9544
Email:  (please mention “Japanese Public Speaking Contest (your name)” in the subject line.)


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